Escort Adina


Personal details

Name: Adina
Age: 24 Years
Nationality: Romana
Height: 166.00 cm
Weight: 48.00 Kg
Hair color: Black
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Smoker: No
Tattoos: No
Piercing: No
Spoken languages:
  • Romanian
  • English
Escort Services:
  • 69 /
  • Anilingus (passive) /
  • Deepthroat /
  • Cum on body /
  • Accept cum on face /
  • Golden showers /
  • Role play /
  • Lingerie /
  • Licking balls /
  • Masturbation /
  • Oral sex without condom /
  • Normal sex(only protected) /
  • Striptease Lapdance /
  • All positions /
  • Body massage

About Me

Why are gypsies good in bed? Well for some this is onemyth, but for those who have met a gypsy luxury escort, verybeautiful and good to bed, like Adina, this information as it isgood to bed is no longer a myth, it's a reality that bettersanytime all the money. Adina is the right woman to youand other gates of pleasure between two mature and eager peopleventure. You need to know it, you will be overwhelmed by any standardshigh perversity that you have had so far with other women.It has no limits, it does not impose you!

Gift for Escort Adina

2 hours: 700 ron €
3 hours: 1400 ron €
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